The Early Comic Collection (2002-2003)

Short Fiction – The Early Comic Collection (2002-2003)

These stories were published in the early 2000s and are all nominally imbued with some level of humor. Click on the covers to buy them individually or as a bundle (for if you’re feeling lucky or happen to have some faith in my skills). All purchases come with links to non-DRM .epub and .mobi versions.

SS00001-thb The Lure of the Sack

$0.99 (epub/mobi)

Taking Village Football to its logical conclusion. – Fantasy, Humor. 9,700 words

Read an excerpt

SS00002-thbThe Eternal Reward

$0.99 (epub/mobi)

The afterlife isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. – Fantasy, Humor. 6,200 Words

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Free! (epub/mobi)

Total war has a new general, so try to stay out of its way. – Fantasy, Humor. 680 words

SS00004-thbTape Found in an Abandoned Warehouse

$0.49 (epub/mobi)

A harrowing reconstruction of a live broadcast, caught on tape. – Horror, Humor. 1,800 words

Read an excerpt

SS00005-thbThe Early Comic Collection (2002-2003)

$1.99 (epub/mobi)

All these stories bundled into a single file, including two bonus flash fiction pieces from the early 2000s.

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